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Water For People

1.8 billion people lack access to safe drinking water.  Make a difference without donating or asking your friends for money.  Support Water For People when you shop online:

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SocialTransactions supports Water For People by collecting commissions from the online stores where supporters - like you - shop. SocialTransactions is non-invasive, protects your privacy, and will never sell or distribute your email address or any other information. Once you add SocialTransactions, the online stores where you shop will begin paying commissions to Water For People any time you make a purchase.

Adding SocialTransactions to your browser is easy and support is always available. For questions on how to use SocialTransactions contact our helpdesk at

Nearly 1.8 billion people throughout the world lack access to safe drinking water. The reality is many of these people do not have access because the partnerships, systems, investments and empowerment don't exist to change this reality for the long term. Water For People facilitates a groundswell of change by working with communities, partners, governments, and the private sector to improve access to water and sanitation for Everyone in a wide region, Forever. When you support Water For People, you're investing in widespread change, not a short-lived well or latrine project that serves a limited number of families while it lasts and leaves many people behind. Water For People’s job isn't done until the systems are in place so that safe water and sanitation are accessible for Everyone, Forever without further need for a non-profit or charity ever again.

Water For People
100 East Tennessee Avenue
Denver, CO 80209
P: 720.488.4590